Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Finally, I got to see Jaane Tu... Verdict - Predictable yet enjoyable.

I was a big fan of its music since its launch( will come back to it later) and had waited to see this movie for a long time. Yesterday, I got the time. And I must say that I was a little( yeah a little) dissapointed.

Right from the start, where the freinds are narrating the story to another girl waiting at the airport (Chalte Chalte ?), the movie was quite predictable and seemed a mix and match of all bollywood formulas. Theres the poor guy - rich girl story, theres the friendship-or-love theory, theres "duniya ke sabse cool parents", theres the typical oh-he-is-so-bad villian who slaps the heroine, theres slapstick humor provided by two deranged souls, theres over the top melodrama in the end with the hero riding a horse to the airport and policemen falling over each other. In the hands of a bad director, I am thinking what a mess this film could have been. Probably, even the director realises this and therefore he gives away the story in the middle. You know Jai'll beat the bad guy, you know he will go to jail, you know he will then ride a horse to the airport and you know there's gonna be a happy ending. You just wait for that to happen.

Having said that, the movie was never boring. Yeah, it dragged a bit in the second half but full marks to the director for the awesome presentation. All the actors were brilliant and did their part with ease. Imran plays the role of a simple, friendly guy and no doubt most of the girls find him cuteeee( though one of my friend finds him gay :O) Genelia looks as lovely as one can be and I wish she was given more credit for the film, all of which is being taken by the new Khan. The friends seemed believable and the chemistry between them was nice. I specially liked the guitar strumming girl with her punk looks. Bombs, she was called. Lol! Aditi's brother was great as an estranged friend. Meghna was okayish with her escaping-reality theory. Nasserudin Shah and Paresh Rawal were funny. Though the Sohail- Arbaaz stunt was a nice one, but I think it was dragged a bit. There was always subtle comedy( Coca Cola on the rocks Lol!), dialouges were nice, backgorund music was awesome and the songs were out of the world. Overall, though predictable, you will definitely enjoy it. There have been duds in the name of musical romantic comedies in Blooywood and this one seems to be one of the best of its genres.

Sound Track

If you havent heard all the songs of Jaane Tu..., go now, beg, borrow, steal, kill, shoot, do anything but get the CD. Never since Dil Chahta Hai have I found a film where all the songs compete with one another for the top spot. My love for "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi" is already known. "Pappu cant dance saala" is already a chartbuster. "Nazrein Milana" is another nice and peppy track. I am sure you will be humming it after a few hearings. Then there are two versions of "Jaane tu mera kya hai", a wonderful song, both in terms of its lyrics as well as music. Sadly, this song is not included in the film. Theres a lovely romantic song, "Kahin To Hogi Woh". With its haunting lyrics, it certainly reminds you of "Tu Hi Re", another A R Rahman track. Last but not the least, theres "Tu Bole Main Boloon", the title track, sung by A R Rahman. As usual, he does a brilliant job and the song is one of the best in the albums. After Guru, its nice to see A R Rahman's music in a new avatar and I am glad I live in his era.